Who and Why?

Who am I?

I am an Australian married mum to four kids. I’m on a quest to get sorted in each of the four areas of home, heart, body and soul. These areas are defined by my values and provide direction and purpose to my life.

I share my personal journey while offering tips, strategies, support and encouragement to others and aim to build a supportive and positive community. 

My goal is to inspire, guide and motivate others to discover purpose and direction by using their inner strength and courage to overcome the challenges that caregivers often face.

Why home, heart, body, & soul?


I was raised in a single parent household as an only child, which is in stark contrast to my current household and family. To this day I often find myself shocked at the amount of “constant effort” required to maintain a clean and orderly home with more than two people much less 6!

My only “housekeeping role model” came from tv shows and we all know they were unrealistic. (Carol Brady had Alice!) While the role of homemaker is one I take seriously I don’t want it to consume me at the risk of losing focus on the other pillars.

So I am determined to develop systems, habits, rituals and routines that help me maintain a clean and tidy home, provide a variety of meals and manage a budget to suit our lifestyle. I’m all about finding simple, yet effective, methods that mean I achieve this in the shortest time possible. 


Extended family when I was growing up was by way of “chosen family” and not always those I was genetically related to. Because of that I have always valued connectedness and friendship – but recognise it takes work and attention.

My goal is to continuously improve my parenting, maintain a positive partnership with my spouse, spend time socially with those important to me and contribute to the community beyond my immediate family.


I grew up bombarded by the falsities dictated by diet culture and have developed an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. I have spent my entire life going on various diets and tend to bounce between restrictive and binge eating which has left me feeling distrusting of my body and very negative about my self image.

I have also lived with anxiety and depression since my early 20’s (possibly throughout my childhood) and generally struggle with my mental health. In recent years I have discovered exercise helps in all those areas – but can also alternate between nothing and extreme in that regard. My goal is to pursue food and body neutrality and ultimately feel confident, fit and healthy.


After high school I pursued a career in early childhood and primary education and worked as a respite worker for families with children with special needs. My mental health lack of direction saw me withdraw from my studies and I ended up working with at-risk teens and families in crisis, and with elderly folk facing mental health challenges.

Only one thing was clear – I was passionate about helping others and I developed skills and strategies to help people make empowered decisions in their lives. Around my parenting I have completed an Associates Degree in Human Services and am 7 units off completing a Bachelor in Science Majoring in Counselling. Having a purpose and passion alongside my parenting helps me to maintain a sense of autonomy and direction. 

I ardently believe that spirituality, career and personal development, while extremely personal, is truly what makes the soul sing and so through that I began my Youtube channel – discovering a creative side to me I didn’t know I possessed and building a community that are pursuing similar goals to me.

As a community we share these common goals:

  • Create and maintain systems, habits & routines that achieve a clean and orderly home.
  • Develop and sustain positive relationships with family and friends and our community close to our heart. 
  • Consistently take care of our physical and mental health and wellbeing – honouring our body. 
  • Proactively pursue interests alongside caregiving that bring peace and joy to our soul.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to work with me or need any information.