A brief Intro....

I am an Australian married mum to four kids and I’m on a quest to get sorted in my home, heart, body and soul. My goal is to inspire, support and motivate others to discover their inner strength and courage to overcome the challenges that stay-at-home mums often face. I share my personal journey while offering tips, strategies, support and encouragement to others and aim to build a supportive and positive community. As a community we share these common goals

  • Develop habits and routines that help us address and maintain all tasks related to keeping a well managed home.

  • Develop parenting skills/confidence and sustain positive relationships with those family and friends in our heart.

  • Take care of our physical health and appearance as well as our mental wellbeing thereby honouring our mind and body.

  • Explore hobbies, personal development and define what brings peace and joy to our soul.

Where it all began

My personal development journey began in my early 20’s. when I was first diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety.  I have always had a strong calling to help others and support them in discovering their inner strengths and abilities and worked throughout the age stages. Originally I pursued a career in early childhood and primary education and worked as a respite worker for families with children with special needs. Later I worked with at-risk teens and families in crisis, and with elderly folk facing mental health challenges.Throughout it all I managed my mental health challenges through therapy and remaining connected with my personal needs.

Late in 2007 my first child was born and I returned to work in community service – first with elderly men at risk of suicide and then later in child protection. Juggling being a mum and working full time was a challenge, however by the time my second child was born in 2011 I became a full-time stay-at-home mum (SAHM).

I discovered that being a SAHM can bring with it challenges that is often not discussed. The feeling of isolation and hopelessness and just the sheer chaos that kids can create became all-consuming. Sometimes the indescribable joy and delight in mothering was lost in the pressure and responsibility to do “all the things” and get them RIGHT!

I had suffered from Postnatal depression after the birth of my first child, although it could be argued that I was predisposed given my history, and I think my main strategy was to keep super busy. I filled our lives with “extra” in an effort to stay ahead of the depression – but in hindsight I see that really just manifested in chaos, clutter and sheer disorganisation.

Choosing Health

In 2012 I began to pursue a healthier lifestyle, seek qualifications in counselling and create systems that worked for our family of four. My mental health was well managed and I became very self-aware.

Upon becoming pregnant with my third child it became obvious that I was suffering from perinatal depression and due to my lifelong experience with mental health, I was a high risk of complete breakdown. The challenge (and gift) of motherhood though means that you can often lose yourself in taking care of everyone else and ignore your own physical and mental health needs.

Through psychological support and the love and encouragement of my husband, family and friends I managed to come through that time – and am grateful for the experience. As with every tough time, it provided me with great insight and self-awareness.

A University degree and a New Baby

In October 2016 we completed our family with the birth of our fourth child and in 2017 I completed my studies and I graduated in 2018 with an Associates Degree in Human Services with excellent grades in the Counselling Units. 

I knew my life’s purpose was to help and support others, but I also knew I didn’t want to work in high-risk situations in our community as I had before. I knew I wanted to work with women and potentially break the cycle that can develop when mums feel unsupported, under-valued, out of their depth and lack self-confidence. 

I had worked at the end of that cycle in serious crisis situations and often caught a glimpse of what might have been if they had had an understanding ear in the beginning. I wanted to help mums like me who faced the everyday challenges of motherhood and help to prevent the escalation of problems that result in the crisis situation that I dealt with in my previous work.

I heard my friends speak of feeling isolated and unsure, judged and criticised. I heard them comparing themselves to others and lacking the personal insight, awareness, or acknowledgment of how capable they truly were. I wanted to help them to find peace in keeping a tidy and orderly home, connecting with their family, taking care of their health and pursuing interests alongside those responsibilities – just as I had begun to.

Finding myself in motherhood....

As I regained my self-confidence I began to create content on Youtube and explore my inner creative. Capturing memories and documenting my journey to “get sorted” in my home, heart, body and soul. Over the years I began to really value the experience and in mid 2017, after recovering physically and mentally from the birth of my 4th child in October 2016, I really started to take it somewhat seriously. As I progressed on my journey I realised that I was connecting with other mums on similar journeys or having experienced similar challenges and I felt empowered by being able to reach them and lighten their world a little.

A new challenge = A new understanding

In 2018 I encountered a new challenge with my second child, my first son. A year filled with doctors’ appointments and therapies saw him diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Anxiety. Despite my professional experience in working with neuro-diverse children – it was a whole new experience first hand – but yet another gift that allowed me to have insight that many, many regular families face. And through exploring with what worked for him and building a network of support, I learnt of even more ways to potentially help others.

And so through my own challenges I have found what makes my soul sing. In trying to find how I can take better care of my mind and body. In creating memories and spending time with those dear to my heart and in decluttering, cleaning and finding order in my home.

I don’t pretend in any way to have all the answers. I don’t suggest that my house is perpetually tidy and put together. I admit my struggles and the challenges I face when it comes to parenting in general and specifically a neuro-diverse child. I juggle relationships and taking care of my physical and mental health – but I am committed to learning from every situation and improving on what I can control. I work daily on discovering what helps me to “feel better” and “in control” but also give myself grace to know that sometimes I just need to rest. I find strength and courage in building a community of like-minded women on similar journeys and supporting those who express they need it.

I don’t believe this is a journey that has an end to it. I don’t believe you reach a point where you “finally” have it all together. It’s an everyday pursuit and some days just won’t go to plan. I want to support mums in recognising this and helping them take pride in their efforts. To know that a clean and tidy home is relatively easy to achieve but ultimately does not define you as a loving and present mum. I want to help them discover their personal values and help them make decisions about their priorities based on that and not some unattainable societal driven ideal.

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